We review our rent and service charges each year as part of our budget setting process. We look at our plans for the year, and consider our costs and expenditure anticipated for the coming year. Each year we consult with our tenants on these costs but we also take into account inflation levels and trends, comparable rents with other providers of social rented housing, and our tenant’s ability to afford our rents. We also consider the changes for welfare reform.

We have carried out consultation in a wide variety of ways from holding open days and surgeries, issuing information in the Newsletter, discussing the review with our registered tenant groups, put information on our website and the television network through to issuing every tenant with a questionnaire. this questionnaire has proven very popular over recent years and we get a lot of feedback from the returns. The results of this consultation are reported to our governing Board when they approve our final budget in February of each year. We send our our rent review letters 28 days before the rent rise which takes effect on 1st April each year.

The views of our customers are very important so we would encourage people to respond.