Core Services

As a Factor, there are a variety of services that Levern Property Services provides to it’s customers.

The Core Management Service that Levern Property Services provides includes, but is not limited to

  • Instructing repair and maintenance to common parts of both land and buildings.
  • Arranging common utility services.
  • Arranging block insurance.
  • Provision and maintenance of information signs and notices
  • Invoicing of common charges
  • Liaison with owners and interested parties
  • Answering any queries
  • Facilitating close meetings
  • On-going Estate Management visits
  • Periodic property inspections (1 per annum)
  • Maintaining an approved contractors list
  • Receiving and paying tradesman accounts
  • Debt recovery and redistribution

The cost for the management fee differs between those who own flats and commercial units and those who own houses.

Flats & Commercial Units – £34.99 per quarter

Houses – £8.83 per quarter


Block Insurance

  • This insurance policy is extremely competitive, and our customers only pay to us what we are charged.
  • Excess on this policy is £100.

If a claim needs to  be made against an individual property, this then is the owner’s responsibility. If there is damage to the common parts of the building, as the factor of this area, Levern Property Services will deal with these affected areas.

Buildings insurance will be charged to owners on a quarterly basis. The current cost for the buildings insurance to those who own flats and commercial properties is £26.23.

A summary of the buildings insurance is available here.


Close Cleaning

Close cleaning is carried out by our contractor Mario Group once a week. The team will clean the common areas including the stairwells, landings, banister and brass work, and windows are cleaned fortnightly. .




Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance is carried out by our contractor McDermott’s Contracts. The number of visits to your block/development will vary depending on the time of year. The team will litter pick, cut the grass, trim any hedges and maintain shrubs. Additional works can be arranged by contacting the office.



Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Roof Anchor Testing is carried out by Paterson Safety Anchors. This is a business based locally in the Barrhead area who carry out day to day repairs for Levern Property Services throughout the year, as well as the gutter cleaning contract on an annual basis.



Legionella Testing

Testing for the presence of the legionnaires bacteria is carried out on an annual basis by Cocoon in all block that have a communal water tank. Many properties have now
switched to a mains water system, however our information regarding this is extremely limited. For this reason, Levern Property Services must assume that the water tanks are still in
use and therefore test and maintain these.




Levern Property Services also arrange for cyclical maintenance and major repairs to be carried out as an when they are necessary. When doing so, a tendering process is followed to ensure the best value for money is being achieved for our owners.

If you would like to arrange for your block/development to be incorporated into any of these contracts, please contact the office on 0141 881 0638 to discuss this.