Certain repairs are covered by the Right to Repair legislation and therefore these repairs are carried out within national targets. Where we fail to carry out these works, we will pay compensation as set out in the legislation.

Details of the eligible repairs are as follows:

Blocked Flue – 1 day

Blocked Drain – 1 day

Blocked Sink – 1 day

Loss of Electrical Power – 1 day

Insecure Ext, Window/Door/Lock – 1 day

Unsafe Access – Path/Step – 1 day

Significant Leaks from Water/Heating – 1 day

Partial Loss of Gas Supply – 1 day

Loss or Partial Loss of Heating – 1 day

Toilet Not Flushing – No Other Facility – 1 day

Loss of Water Supply – 1 day

Unsafe Power/Lighting Socket/Fitting – 1 day

Partial Loss of Power – 3 days

Partial Loss of Water Supply – 3 days

Loose or Detached Banister/Hand Rail – 3 days

Unsafe Timber Flooring/Stair Treads – 3 days

Faulty Mech Extractor in Kitchen/Bathroom – 7 days

We will notify customers in our Newsletter each year of the alternative contractors name and details.

The Scottish Government’s right to repair leaflet can be downloaded here