When you decide that you would like to carry out an alteration or improvement within your home you must first read this information and gain permission BEFORE you start any work.

Depending on what you want to do we may ask for further information before we decide. We might also insist that the work is undertaken in accordance with certain conditions. We’re happy to discuss your plans with you and provide advice where we can, so please contact us. A statutory Right to Compensation for Improvements scheme exists. This means you may be able to claim back some of the costs of certain types of improvement work if you give up your tenancy at some point in future.
An alteration is where you wish to:
Replace a fixture or fitting, for example, kitchen units or internal doors, with items which are of the same quality or standard as those we would normally provide
Remove an existing fixture or fitting and not replace it.

An improvement is where you wish to:
Replace an existing fixture or fitting with one which in our opinion is of higher quality than we would normally provide
Install an item where there is none at present, e.g. a new shower
Extend the property in any way, e.g. by adding a porch

Your Tenancy Agreement and your Tenant Handbook say you that you MUST tell us what you are planning to do, and apply in writing for our permission BEFORE you start any work.
PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the type of work, you may have to apply for Planning Consent and possibly also a Building Warrant from the local authority, East Renfrewshire Council.

To apply, please complete an application form – download here


You do not have to tell us if you plan to re-decorate using wallpaper and paint. However, you do need to tell us if you wish to use textured finish paint on any wall or ceiling (eg Artex) or if you wish to add pine panelling to a wall for example.