Rental payments is our main source of income. The money received from rent allows us to provide a range of housing services and to maintain and improve our houses and to build new homes. It is no surprise that we therefore focus much of our time and effort on making sure all tenants pay their rent and pay on time. Paying your rent on time is a condition of our tenancy agreement and failure to do so can put your tenancy at risk. Rent and service charges due to the Association are payable on the 1st of every month. We charge for additional services through our service charge and only charge the actual cost to the Association. We review rents and service charges annually and consult our customers on the rent review as part of our budget setting process.

We operate a policy of early intervention when dealing with any tenant in rent arrears. Should any tenant have rent arrears, they will be contacted at the earliest opportunity by our Customer Services staff members with a view to discussing the issues. We will be sympathetic to your circumstances and will aim to put in place an affordable payment plan to cover the rent and arrears. Keeping in contact with the Association is crucial and avoids taking further action against a tenant. We would not wish to take legal action and only evict tenants for rent arrears as a last resort. Such decisions are made by our governing Board having considered a full and detailed confidential and anonymous report.

We try to make paying rent as easy as possible and offer various rent payment options. You may choose from the following payment methods – direct debit; at your local post office, by post, or using your Allpay card, by chip and pin at the office both in person and over the phone.

Housing Benefit – you must apply to East Renfrewshire Council and provide the correct evidence to allow your form to by processed. Our staff can help you make a claim. The form can be downloaded here or by visiting East Renfrewshire Council’s website here

Welfare Reform

We offer a dedicated welfare rights service to our customers and following a successful bid for funding this service will become full-time from 1st April 2014. Contact the office for details and to make an appointment with our staff member.