Over recent years, it has been very difficult for the Association to participate in any delivery of new affordable housing. Subsidy grants were cut by the Scottish Government and access to private loans from the Banks has been much more problematic and expensive. However, with the news that the Scottish Government has increased subsidy grants again, we are now exploring the options of building new affordable properties.

July2015 UPDATE: Barrhead Housing Association is pleased to announce that the demolition contractor took possession of the site back in March 2015 and has cleared the former school and Council Office. This site has been part of East Renfrewshire Council’s strategic housing plans for some time and the former Council office was cleared last year. Following a successful transfer of the site, the Association will complete this £1.6m development after successfully receiving grant of £837,185 from the Scottish Government.  The main contractor, McTaggart Construction commenced the building of 15 properties for social rent in early May 2015 following site clearance. The site will provide 12 one, and 3 two bedroom flats, with the main access being taken through the existing Rankin Way development. The flats will be allocated from the East Renfrewshire Housing Register with 50% being nominated to East Renfrewshire Council. The new homes should be completed by early 2016. Barrhead HA chairperson Rena McGuire said: ‘It is great to see the commencement of much needed social housing by the Association as we’ve been unable to build new homes due to funding constraints which have eased over recent times. This new development will complement the properties in Rankin Way’.  Local Barrhead Councillor Danny Devlin, Convenor for Housing said: “I am delighted with this news and I will be keen to follow the progress of this development. Just last week the council announced the release of 12 flats for social rent following a substantial refurbishment. An additional 15 properties for social rent is a great news story for Barrhead and supports the council’s ongoing commitment to providing safe, affordable homes for all local people”.