We have set our budget and programme for 2014-2015. In determining what items need replace within any development/property, we take into account things like the repair history; the money available from our rental income; the general condition of each item needing replaced; availability of parts; compliance with the Scottish housing Quality Standard (2015 target for all social landlords); any changes in legislation and the age of each item.

We have now commenced a bathroom replacement programme in Dunterlie and work should be completed by the end of September 2014. We also hope to replace bathrooms at 27-39 Barnes and 35 Cogan Street. We are also now working to replace boilers in Rankin Way and Simpson Gardens and work commenced in July 2014 with the contractor. We hope to complete a kitchen replacement programme at Simpson Gardens. We are also working with East Renfrewshire Council in Thornliebank to re-render blocks of flats in the Main Street – this work commenced over the summer.

All customers affected by our programme will be contacted individually with further details.