Each year we carry out work to improve, modernise and sustain our properties for the future.

This can also include more than just bricks and mortar investment as we look to make improvements across the wider community through regeneration.

Bricks and mortar Investment:

The Property Services team is responsible for the delivery of planned and cyclical maintenance, the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, developing energy efficiency measures, and general Health and Safety. Our investment programme is done following careful planning to ensure we target those properties where work is most needed. We routinely contact all tenants that will be directly affected by any planned maintenance work, well before it is due to start. We share a procurement framework with 7 other local housing associations across Renfrewshire and Inverclyde – a group called IFLAIR. More details on this framework are included under the separate tab called procurement framework.

To view the planned maintenance schedule for the 2014/15 – here