The Association has 3 full-time customer services officers, 2 customer services advisers, welfare rights officer, and a housing support assistant for our sheltered housing complex. each customer services officer is responsible for a geographical patch, and their work is overseen by our Quality and Customer Services Manager, Douglas Wilson and Director of Customer Services, Jim Munro.

TF16313 Barrhead report 2014
Jackie McColl
TF16313 Barrhead report 2014
Julie Stewart


GEOGRAPHICAL PATCH 1, Jackie McColl: Carlibar Rd,  Connor Rd (ERC), Cross Arthurlie St (except  66 – 130), Dunterlie, Neilston, Rankin Way and Walton St.

GEOGRAPHICAL PATCH 2, Julie Stewart: Auchenback, Barnes St (6-12), Barnes St (27-41), Cogan Street, Connor Rd (1-15), Gladstone Avenue, Lowndes Court, Newton Mearns, Saunders Court, Simpson Gardens

GEOGRAPHICAL PATCH 3, Sandra Nelson: Barnes St (5,7,9), Bellfield Cres, Centenary Court, Centre Way, Craighead St, 66- 130 Cross Arthurlie St, George St, Henry St, John St, Main St (flats), Main St (complex), Mill Road, North Park Ave, Robertson St, South Park Ave, Thornliebank.

TF16313 Barrhead report 2014
Sandra Nelson