TF16313 Barrhead report 2014
Lyanne McBryan, Housing Support Assistant

TF16313 Barrhead report 2014


Barrhead Housing Association specialises in the management of purpose-built housing for older people including sheltered housing. We provide a range of housing support services for those who need a little bit of help in order to live independently in their own homes. Our sheltered housing complex in Barrhead has a full-time housing support officer available to assist our residents. This service is registered with the Care Inspectorate and we are inspected every year. In December 2013 we received grade 5 ‘very good’ services for – the quality of management and leadership; the quality of staffing; and the quality of care and support.

The inspection looks at a range of areas and provides information on service strengths and areas of improvement. Where appropriate, recommendations are made for further improvement. We publish the inspection report and a copy of the latest report can be downloaded here

The Housing Support Assistant is responsible for ensuring appropriate support plans are in place with each resident to ensure we assess and improve the quality of care and support. We involve our support staff to co-ordinate services to external agencies and carefully document reviews which link to achieved improved outcomes for people within the development. We seek views of our residents and report these in our overall tenant satisfaction survey. We train our staff to ensure they have the correct skills to carry out the services provided and we work closely with our local authority CHCP partners to ensure good communication with the relevant health care staff.

Additional costs apply within the rent charge to provide for these support services and service charges apply for additional facilities, for example the laundry facilities. These are reviewed annually following consultation with our residents.