Our Mission – ‘creating opportunity for growth and improvement’

Our organisational values are central to what we do and incorporate the importance that we place on people, services and quality.

INTEGRITY – to be honest, respectful and trustworthy in all that we do

EFFICIENT – to strive for competence and professionalism as individuals and as an organisation

RESPONSIBLE – to be accountable for all our actions

DEPENDABLE – to be reliable as individual people, to one another, and to our customers

DEDICATED – to care about our particular purpose

Our Strategic Objectives have been developed to take account of mission, core values and guiding principles and also to consider the wider operational context. There main focus is:

Commitment to continuous improvement – to our customers, our staff, our governing body and our wider community

Investment in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our people

Responding and re-shaping our business to be stronger in the future