We have been a Registered Social Landlord since 1986 and a Scottish Charity since 2004. We provide a wide range of financial information to stakeholders like Scottish housing regulator and our lenders. Internally we produce quarterly management accounts and these track our progress against our budget. We also produce 5-year and 30-year financial plans. We will be submitted our first Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter later this year and will make this available to our customers later this year.

We are required to submit a range of information on our financial position and our performance to the Scottish Housing Regulator each year.

Here is a selection of financial information currently available:

Annual financial statements – latest copy is in our download section

Annual Return on the Social Housing Charter – Barrhead HA’s Landlord report for 2013/14 is available here

Landlord Report published August 2014 by the Scottish Housing Regulator is available here

Performance Report 2013/14 is available in the download section

If you require any further information from the Association, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Corporate Services, Helen Sutherland.