Any resident with an interest in our work can become a member of the Association. Membership of the Association costs £1 and all members are approved by our governing Board. Shareholding members can stand for election to our governing Board.

If you are interested in membership please download the membership pack. If you would wish to discuss membership please contact the Association’s staff members for assistance. We do, however, expect our membership to take an active interest and participate in our work. Where members fail to attend 5 AGM’s in a row without submitting apologies, their application for membership may be cancelled by our governing Board.

If you are interested in finding out more about our governing Board and how it operates, please contact the Association’s Chief executive. We offer initial ‘observer’ status so that you can come an observe our meetings to ensure it is what you expect. We then offer full induction and training for individual members and can match each new member up with an existing governing Board member as a ‘buddy’ to help you settle in and get up to speed with our business. Annual reviews of our governing Board’s skills and expertise also take place. A summary handbook on governing Board membership is available in our download section.

Membership policy and application is available here